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Resource scheme

Tully State High School offers a student resource scheme (SRS) to all students. The scheme has the approval of the school’s Parents & Citizens association and provides parents with the following general benefits:

  • Minimises costs of providing resource materials for their student;
  • Ensures that an adequate bank of resources is available to provide a good quality education, and
  • Ensures all students have equal opportunity to participate in any subject regardless of family financial circumstances.


The participation fee for the student resource scheme is $220 per student for years 7 and 8 and $240 per student for years 9, 10, 11 and 12. Every effort has been made to contain the cost of the participation fee whilst ensuring that adequate resources are available for student use. This contribution is in addition to the government resource allowance. The scheme represents excellent value and provides substantial savings to parents of students in all year levels. Joining the student resource scheme is optional – please read the terms and conditions on the back of the participation form. It attracts many benefits which are detailed here for your information. If you do not join the scheme, you will need to purchase individual resources as required and pay for all the benefits listed that will be received by members of the scheme. (for example the average cost of a textbook is currently approximately $55 with some costing over $95 each). The school encourages your participation in the scheme, as the best savings for all eventuates from high participation rates. What the resource scheme typically covers and savings for students can be accessed in the related links section.

The SRS at this school operates under the policy and guidelines of education Queensland. Parents wishing to take advantage of the services provided by the scheme are required to pay the annual contribution and sign a participation agreement form agreeing to the conditions therein.

Typical savings and an indication of costs of resources are outlined below: