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Home Economics

​The central focus of home economics is the wellbeing of people within their personal, family, community and work roles. Home economics encourages personal independence and effective living within wider society, and promotes preferred futures for self and others. Home economics is an interdisciplinary study drawing on the fields of nutrition, textiles and fashion, the built environment, human development, relationships and behaviour.
In home economics education, students become increasingly aware of the processes of growth and development and take increasing responsibility for their own growth and development. They make decisions and take actions to promote healthy eating and develop a sensitive approach to interpersonal relationships. They contribute to environments that are supportive of human growth and development, and develop a respect for the lifestyle choices of other people.
Informed people who think critically and creatively make socially and ethically responsible actions that enhance wellbeing. People who promote wellbeing and design their futures understand that the decisions and actions taken by them and others have consequences.
Courses offered and associated topics:

Year 8 Home Economics

  • Textiles - Bag It!
  • Food: What should I eat to grow and go?

Year 9 Food Studies FDS

  • Morning Munchies - Breakfasts
  • Sustaining the beast- lunches
  • Dinner
  • Deserts

Year 10 Food Studies FDS

  • Introduction to Hospitality – Multicultural foods
  • Hospitality – International food

Year 9 Textiles and Food TFS

  • Pillow Talk - An introduction to textiles incorporates the making of a cushion.
  • Bag
  • Shop to you Drop
  • Food Studies

Year 10 Textiles and Food TFS

  • Unit - Creative Cake Baking, Introduction to the Baking, decoration & presentation of specialty cakes
  • Unit - The World of Food, Introducing a multicultural aspect of modern food in Australia, investigating cuisines from around the world
  • Textile design

Year 11 & 12 Hospitality

  • Introduction to Hospitality
  • Basic Culinary Skills
  • Prepare and serve sandwiches
  • Working with Salads
  • Working with Pasta
1. The hospitality industry
2. Communication for the hospitality industry
4. Workplace health, hygiene and safety issues in the hospitality industry
5. Hospitality event management
Certificate I in Hospitality = 7 Units of Competency to gain Cert. I

Year 11 & 12 Home Economics

  • Food 4 Tomorrow – Individuals and communities are dependent upon food chain systems for the security of their food supply
  • Leaving for Good