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The study of Humanities aims to give students an holistic perspective of the world in which they live. Their position in history is reflected in their studies of the immediate and ancient past, which has shaped the world in which they now live. Geographical work aims to focus on their place in the modern world and on issues that face the planet today and into the future.

Topics studied:

Year 8 History: Medieval Europe, Spanish Conquest of the Americas, Shogunate Japan
Year 8 Geography: Landforms and Communities
Year 9 History: Industrial Revolution, Making a Nation, World War I
Year 9 Geography: Biomes & Food Security
Year 10 History: World War II, Rights and Freedoms, Politics, Popular Culture 1945-Present
Year 11 Ancient History: Studies of Archaeology, Life in Ancient Egypt, Conflict among the Greek City States, Development of Democracy in fifth century Athens.
Year 12 Ancient History: Ancient Religion, Political Centrism in Rome, Personalities in History, Bureaucratic control in China, The Rise of Islam and the Crusades.