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Subjects and programs

  • Agriculture

    Agricultural Science explores the ways people sustainably manage natural resources such as plants, animals, climate, soil and water to meet their basic needs.

  • Business

    Business Business and Business Communication and Technologies (BCT) offer students opportunities to engage in and understand a range of administrative practices through real-life situations and business simulations.

  • English

    Programs of study in English at Tully State High School are based on the National Curriculum for English.

  • Home Economics

    Home economics encourages personal independence and effective living within wider society, and promotes preferred futures for self and others.

  • HPE

    Health & Physical Education focuses on the development of knowledge and understanding in, through and about sport. This subject integrates the written and practical components and aspects such as sports psychology and sociology of sport.

  • Humanities

    The study of Humanities aims to give students an holistic perspective of the world in which they live. The subjects of History, Geography and Ancient History are important aspects of the curriculum at Tully SHS.

  • Mathematics

    At Tully State High School, mathematics is an integral and highly valued component of the curriculum. Students understand that mathematics can help them to make meaning of their world.

  • Technology

    Subjects in Technology focus on the planning, creation and development of projects from ideas and the communication of concepts and specifications for products.

  • The Arts

    Art is recognised as an important part of the curriculum at Tully SHS encompassing programs of study in Art, Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Instrumental Music, Media Studies and Film, Television & New Media.