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Student services and support programs

  • Army Cadets

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  • Community education counsellor

    The community education counsellor provides educational counselling and support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary school students.

  • Guidance officer

    The guidance support service is provided to Tully State High School to assist students to maximize their potential and to address their concerns with care and dignity.

  • Mathematics homework help

    The mathematics faculty conducts homework help sessions each Thursday 3 to 4pm in the library.

  • Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

    Students of all ages learn best when the school that they attend is a safe, supportive and disciplined environment. For this reason, Tully State High School uses the School wide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SW-PBL) framework.

  • School chaplaincy

    School chaplaincy provides emotional and spiritual support to school communities. We are in the prevention and support business

  • School nurse

    The purpose of the school based youth health nurse (established in Queensland in 1998) is to promote the health and wellbeing of the school through the health promoting schools initiative.

  • Stymie - An anti-bullying tool

    Stymie is a digital anti-bullying tool that allows bystanders to anonymously and quickly report bullying.

  • Vivo Rewards

    Vivo Miles is an online rewards system, which aims to motivate students to work hard at school and be recognised for their efforts and is the whole school system for recording and acknowledging positive behaviour.

  • Wellbeing Classes

    Student wellbeing is a priority at Tully State High School.